What is it like to visit China?



Gordon Chan

China is almost the size of USA so it enjoies even more diversity. Tier 1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou Zhou, Shen Zhen are very international and very expensive. For instance, if you look at cars on the street of Beijing, you will find all the latest models from the famous luxury brand such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc. Except that pick up trucks are not popular in Beijing (they are actually banned in the city), there’s no major difference from any US big city.

However, when you talk about order, Beijing is more chaotic than US city. Cars will obey traffic rules, however, some bicycles and pedestrians will not. At the same time, cars will not give way to people, which is not great. The above situation is changing and I believe that in the next couple of years, Beijing will be in a better shape.

In term of cost, living in Beijing is cheaper than US city. A typical work lunch will cost you around 15 to 30 RMB, which is about 2 to 4 USD, about 1/3 or 1/4 comparing what I had in USA. In the grocery stores, it is slightly expensive than USA, however, comparable. The only thing more expensive than US is apartment, typical it will cost you around 1K USD /square foot so any apartment in Beijing would be over half million USD.





Ray Comeau, Visited over 20 countries from Europe to North America to Asia

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If you picture China in your mind right now …….. chances are you would be wrong.

China is modern and ancient and advanced in thinking and very traditional in culture ….. all at the same time.

Explaining China to a westerner takes a very long time and beyond certain age you have already been brain washed by the geopolitical agenda of the western media.

Pictures can you a quick view of what it’s like. Here is a sample of my personal pictures of China :











Mark Pugerude, Corporate Strategist (1989-present)

I have travelled to China nearly 20 times and I will say it is incredible. The history, culture, food and geography are amazing.

I will say that as a westerner traveling to China it can be very foreign. English is not pervasive and the language barrier can be tough while trying to get around. However, I can say that the Chinese people are usually very helpful for tourists. Crime is pretty low and always felt safe anywhere I went.

I say go … get a phrase book, use your smart phone with a USA SIM card so Google, Facebook and Instagram can work. Costs a lot for international roaming but at least it is easier to get around. At least for me it worked.

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Al Allington, Compulsive Traveler and love my life.

China is wonderful, the people kind, friendly and helpful.

The food is nothing like the “Chinese buffet” food we get in the USA. Where we live part time the food is very spicy with plenty of fresh ginger, garlic and hot red peppers.

There is so much to see and do. China is booming and building everywhere.

I recommend people take a tour on a first visit. Look on Groupon for 9–10 day all inclusive tours from major US cities for less than $899 much of the year. It’s a real deal because we pay nearly that for airfare Detroit to Shanghai.






Our favorite restaurant near our home in China

Yes, the Chinese are friendly






Andrew Orr, studied International Business & Mandarin Chinese

For me, there is so much to say that simplifying everything into a one or two paragraph answer would not be sufficient. There are so many topics to be covered.

I’ve traveled through big cities and countryside, in groups with other Chinese and by myself as a lone foreigner.

Some things are totally awesome and convenient, and others are less so.

The more knowledge you have of China when visiting will be different from visiting with less knowledge, so the experiences can vary from the beginning or first time, compared to the end or last time.

There are people like me who absolutely loved it, and there are others who liked it but, not as much as myself, and there are others who struggle with the culture shock and differences, and it’s hard for them to fully enjoy their stay. I’ve had my firsthand experiences, and I have heard experiences all across the spectrum. Overall for most, it is positive and eye-opening.

To write about these experiences would take a very long time, and I’d only go into more detail if people who haven’t been there want to know.








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