$490 billion in black money stashed abroad by Indians: Report



NEW DELHI: Studies conducted by three premier institutes — NIPFP, NCAER and NIFM — have concluded that unaccounted wealth held by Indians outside the country till 2010 could be as high as $490 billion, besides black money parked within the country as ‘investments’ in sectors like real estate, mining, tobacco/gutka, bullion, films and education.


This was part of a report of the standing committee on finance tabled in Lok Sabha on Monday. This is the first official acknowledgement of the three government-sponsored studies initiated in 2011 to estimate black money held by Indians in the country and abroad. On a reference from the then UPA government, the three think tanks came out with their own estimates of black money.


The reports have not been made public yet, though they were submitted to the government during the UPA regime. The National Institute of Public Policy and Finance (NIPFP) has estimated illicit financial flow out of the country during 1997-2009 in the range of 0.2% to 7.4% of GDP. The National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), however, estimated unaccounted wealth accumulated outside the country by Indians between $384 billion and $490 billion during 1980-2010. The National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) found the total illicit outflow from India (1990-2008) at Rs 9,41,837 crore ($216.48 billion).



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Adi Roi

most of it belongs to sonia, chidambran, etc scamgress looters... bring it back.



Indian Lover• 2 hours ago

No worries, Modi is back, he will get back all black money in abroad within 20-30 years. Modi hain tho mumkin hain but few generations kaa time lagegaa



Natarajan D• 7 hours ago

So can we expect this money back to India. Nothing could happen in five years. So the same will continue for the next five years



Rocker• India • 6 hours ago

It's the same, if Kongress or other party is in power and will also get accumulated/stashed even more...



gopal • bengaluru • 5 hours ago

lol - all demonetization is pointless


Quabie• Delhi • 2 hours ago

It says black money stashed till 2010... demo happened in Nov 2016.



flemingo2008 David• 6 hours ago

As & when the names of the black money stashers abroad is found out declare the names.recover all black money & include to the ex-chequor for the nations to grow.declare these CORRUPT LOOTERS as anti-nationals & confiscate all wealth



Spaceman • Earth • 6 hours ago

As long as politicians are not accountable and remain corrupt black money generation will continue since in such a system no citizen wants to pay tax after tax.



FairHuman• 3 hours ago

How did Sonia Gandhi became the 2nd richest woman politician in the world ?



Dreet • 6 hours ago

So where is the Rs 15 lakh?


FairHuman• 3 hours ago

Keep dreaming



Hindustan • Hindustan Hindu Rashtra • 6 hours ago

All Scams happened through Banks & Politicans, without going through them black money could not be transferred to outside the country.

Still they cant track or have any record of black money how much, these numbers are just assumptions.


Hindus are chors • Hindustan Hindu Rashtra youtub • Delhi • 4 hours ago

All scamsters were hindus..!!!



Deepak • Karnataka

Only that much!?. BJP and Modiji were saying before 2014 that trillions of dollars in black money is stashed abroad and they will give 15 lakhs per person!. It looks most belongs to BJP as they have used their government to make it white and bring back to India!!!!.

只有这么点! ?




Spidey • Deepak

Because there was huge chest thumping during 2014 that Modi will bring back black money within 100 days of coming to power . Nothing happened .



Dreet • 6 hours ago

Such news coming after and not before the polls.



Adna jee• 5 hours ago

It''s 5 years plus. The Modi government must act now. People are losing patience.



Hindustan • Hindustan Hindu Rashtra • 6 hours ago

These are just assumptions. Nothing based on facts.

They know all the track of public money but not the money looted through banks and Politicans.




rajnish tiwari• Location • 2 hours ago

Bjp also turned out to be corrupt. I thought it was a good party.



free birdi • Gondwanaland • 2 hours ago

what about profits from rafaele deal??



Jyothi • 3 hours ago

So Mr.PM...janta is still waiting for the 15 lakhs promised 5 yrs ago...Oh the tall tall promises...Sigh!



Vivek Tripathi • Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind • 3 hours ago

Most of indians who can do fraud are doing it. From police to ministers everyone is corrupt here. We will never be properous country like USA or Japan because of our corrupt mindset.



flemingo2008 David • 6 hours ago

Black money stashed outside must be brought as soon as possible.be it politician or entreprenuers..it belongs to the nation.



kiran • Bangalore • 4 hours ago

What Modi is doing then? Y no action taken to get the black money back




Krishna• 4 hours ago

Time to cleanup this mess in next few years.


Chirag Rajput• 3 hours ago




Jagjit • 6 hours ago

ha ha .MOTI govt very confident, that there is no corruption now.



Ulhas Kulkarni• Navi Mumbai • 2 hours ago

No way any of this money is going to come back! EVER. But TALKING about it is an ELECTION issue. Selectively victimising opposition leaders over such issues also helps the govt in power.



free birdi • Gondwanaland • 2 hours ago

now we know why modi ji travels abroad so much



Preeth Indian • 3 hours ago

Bakwaas report. Didn''t modi bring back all the back money stashed abroad during his last tenure



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